LCN - Light Concept Gel Nails

You can have perfectly beautiful nails and hands with gel nails. We use only LCN Light Concept Nail products. This product guarantees beautiful results.  The LCN company is based on over 80 years experience in the development and production of synthetic resin systems.


LCN Gel nails look natural and are very gentle on the natural nail. This product allows us to cover and protect your natural nail or lengthen the nail to your desired length. LCN Gels are available in natural, natural with polish or the pink and white permanent French look.


We have over 7 years of experience exclusively using this gel. Our technicians are required to take continuing education classes each year to remain masters at application and maintence of LCN.


We are educators of LCN Gel for other nail technicians wanting to learn this product.

Full set $65.00
Fills $35.00