Fiberglass Nails

Our 20+ years of experience in the nail industry has allowed us to see a lot of wonderful things in the nail industry. Fiberglass Nails are the finest product to use to enhance natural nails. Also referred to as wraps, we use a process of thin sheets of fiberglass and a resin adhesive to strengthen the natural nail. It is extremely popular. This nail is very light, thin, clear and durable. It is the favorite of clients who like to wear their natural nails but like the long lasting results of an artificial product. Fiberglass is so popular because they look so real. This product is very gentle on the nail and will not do damage.


This product can be laid over natural nails or applied over tips to create instant length to the nail. Fiberglass can be worn natural or with your favorite polish.

Full Set of Tips 65.00
Wrap Natural Nails 40.00
Fill or Rebalance 35.00